SA Paribahan Courier Service Charge, Cost and Price List

SA Paribahan is the most popular courier service in Bangladesh. Through SA Paribahan, you can send your parcel and packages to the various districts in the country. You need to know SA Paribahan Courier Service Charge specific measure of conveyance charge for this.

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That is the reason it is imperative to know the SA Paribahan Courier Service Charge List so you can discover the specific conveyance charge for your package type. You can get documents, non-documents, and sacks parcel price rates in this post.


SA Paribahan Courier Charge List

Parcel Category Parcel Weight Parcel Charge
Document Envelope 25 tk
Non-Doc. 1 kg 80 tk
Non-Doc. 2 kg 100 tk
Non-Doc. 3 kg 120 tk
Non-Doc. 4 kg 130 tk
Non-Doc. 5 kg 150 tk
Non-Doc. 6 kg 160 tk
Non-Doc. 7 kg 170 tk
Non-Doc. 8 kg 180 tk
Non-Doc. 9 kg 190 tk
Non-Doc. 10 kg 200 tk
Sack 1 piece 200 – 300 tk


Note: The delivery charge for this type of parcel also can vary depending on the size. If the parcel is the larger physical size or smaller it will be counted. In that case, SA Paribahan Courier Service Charge More or less.


We hope this information can help your sending parcel charge calculation. If you want to know more information about SA Paribahan Courier Charge, please message us Courier Info Facebook page.

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