Karatoa Courier Service Charge, Cost & Price List

Karatoya Courier and Parcel Service provide parcel service only in different districts of Bangladesh. There is no service of this organization outside the country. There are a total of 117 branches all over Bangladesh including Dhaka. Karatoa Courier Service Charge, Cost, and Price List are showing in this post.


Karatoa Courier Service Dhaka

1 Dhaka 01713228495, 01713228497 Uttara
2 Dhaka 01755597836, 01935471016 Alu Bazar
3 Dhaka 01755597839 Bangla Bazar

For Karatoa Courier Service All Branch List: Click Here


Karatoa Courier Services: 

  • This courier service company is responsible for delivering documents, letters, furniture, motorcycles, small and large cartons of goods, televisions, refrigerators, cartoons, bags, gift items, medicines, books, electronics products, and loads to the recipient’s address at its own risk.
  • Delivers goods or valuables with utmost security.
  • If the goods are damaged or lost during transportation, the company provides financial compensation to the sender. The company provides the product according to the market price within a maximum of 60 days of the complaint.
  • The parcel is delivered to the recipient within 24 hours. However, due to natural calamities or any other reason, there is some change in time.
  • This organization does not transport any type of illegal goods.


Karatoa Courier Service Charge List

Product type Product


Product Cost Arrival time
Document 1 Piece 20 TK 24 Hour
Carton 50 KG 220 TK 24 Hour
Garments Goods 10 KG 95 TK 24 Hour
Kather Khat 1 piece 2100 24 Hour
Kather Almari 1 piece 2100 24 Hour
Fridge Per C.F.T 150 TK 24 Hour
Motor Bike 125 CC 1400 TK 24 Hour


Packing Cost:

  • This organization has arrangements for packing the sent goods.
  • There are arrangements for packing the products with sacks, cartons, or cloth.
  • Packing of small size parcels/cartons costs Tk. 75, medium size parcels / cartons 150 and large size parcels / cartons Tk. 250.

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