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Sundarban Courier Parcel Tracking by CN number


Sundarban courier is the fastest courier service in Bangladesh. Sundarban Courier Parcel Tracking is very helpful for there customers. Now customers can track there parcel by mobile online.

Today shows you, How to track Sundarban courier parcel tracking by CN number. Please follow this post step by step. Let’s Start:

Step 1: How to get CN numbers?

Sundarban Courier Parcel Tracking by CN number

When the sender sends a parcel, the Sundarban courier gives this type voucher.

Sundarban Courier Parcel Tracking

Follow this picture and see the arrow box.  it’s Sundarban courier CN number. For your CN number check your voucher for this position. you get your CN number.

Step 2: How to parcel track by CN number?

First, you need to go to the Sundarban Courier Tracking page. this link in the CLICK HERE button. Note: First of all you read this post carefully.

click here
Click this Button

sundarban courier track

After clicking the CLICK HERE button you show this page.

Step 3: How to input the CN numbers?

sundarban courier tracking

Follow this arrow and this box. It’s a CN number input box.

Step 4: How to search by CN number?

Sundarban Courier Parcel Tracking

First, input your CN number in this box

Sundarban Courier Parcel Tracking

After input CN number, Click the search button.

Step 5: What is the position of the parcel now?

Sundarban Courier Parcel Tracking

Please see this page carefully. Booking date: 25 Aug 2020, it’s sending date. Booking From: it’s a sender branch name. Destination: It’s your parcel collection branch name.


At last, this page showing your parcel current status. The first box is your CN number. The second box is your parcel arrival date. The third box is your parcel current Branch List. And Fourth box is your parcel Status. It’s your main destination. If this box status is Received It declares that your parcel is in your branch. If this box blank, it declares that your parcel does not arrive yet.

You also need: Sundarban Courier Service in Bangladesh Contact Numbers & Branch List



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